'Crude' Series (2017-2020)

Abstract expressionism informed by interaction and memory.

Ray's work focus' on social and personal understanding / misunderstanding intertwined with undertones of identity and cultural experience with a female neuro-diverse view. Manifesting in an uncontrolled and impulsive surreal and abstract immediate expression and making. Her methods echo the perceived uncontrollability of self, warped thought, and sociological, familial, cultural, and anthropological expectations, conventions, and pressures.

Sort it, then it will be pretty
Don't breath
Apparently Peace
Big ego
Bigger ego
Bounce off
Birdy pleight
Act like a clown
Bun head
Can't breath
Choked cluckers
Can't process
Cling to sanity
Choked cluck
Cling to sanity, too much pressure
Choked cluck clucks
Dance Dance
Dance party
Different perceptions regularly
Dangle toy
Different perceptions
Every hole
Experienced Pillow Princess
Fibs and slithers
Head in arse
Hold on
I can't feel
I feel queezy
I will do it always
I will do it again
I will do it
I can't follow
I'm Hyst-ory
Judged for everything
Just noise at this point
Lady forest
Look what you have done
Mega Urgh
Look what you do
Manipulate this
Mix yours with mine
Mule 2
Multiple pleasure, pain for me
Never be clean again
Multiple beats encore
Overwhelmed much
My touch 2
My touch
Pillow Princess
Please no more
Remarks make marks
Predator attraction
Rock me, I am not strong
Repeated plea
Rock me
Rock me, I will break
Said softly, scars
See Shell
See Shells and Swivel
Shush yourself
Straight lace face
Still Holding
They shush you
That made a pretty pattern
Germs shared
There will be no change
Tickle me silly
Tickle me rarely
Tickle the masses
Time didn't heal
Time didn't heal, I endured
Germ sharer
He was gone, he wasn't forgotten
He was gone
Has uses
Well look who it is again
Watched to stop, stopped
You think it's help
You poke it
Words incite
When Needed
Well look who it is
Watch the innocent
Watched to stop
Watch the innocent grow
Wash you off
Act like a clown
Bring a daisy
Said softly still cuts
I'll hold you every which way
Beats for Laughs
Actioning Wants
I'll hold you here
Lady Garden
Sorry worm
Pay attention
Pardon You
See through the moo
Tweet words
Try to Stifle