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About Ray Kat Rad


Ray's work focus' on social and personal understanding / misunderstanding intertwined with undertones of identity and cultural experience with a female neuro-diverse view. Manifesting in an uncontrolled and impulsive surreal and abstract immediate expression and making. Her methods echo the perceived uncontrollability of self, warped thought, and sociological, familial, cultural, and anthropological expectations, conventions, and pressures.


The person, the artist

Born in 1987, Ray Kathryn grew up in the valleys of South Wales and the Midlands, UK. From a single-parent family, she faced adversity from a young age. Poverty, isolation, oppression, she never understood the actions of others, the why's, how's, what's and reasons for interaction and adhering to social concepts and expectations. How people tone another, the implementation of personal and structural views, Ray fought an inner juxtaposition of inclusion and exclusion as well as the experience of 'being'. 

Ray became curious about the environment and interaction and in-depth research of psychogeography and communication emerged. This is reoccurring within her work and changes the visual aesthetic with different emotional responses to experience, people, surroundings, placements, thoughts, and feelings. A way of understanding or journaling visually.

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Giving back

Ray Kathryn was diagnosed as an adult with Neurodiversity, this provided answers to Ray's exploration and placement of self within art, her family, and community but also facilitated immense quandaries into the outsider / 'other' within social and social-political constructs and concepts which is enveloped in her post-2021 work.

With Neurodiversity, Ray aims to raise awareness of Autism, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, and Dyslexia along with other Mental Health conditions. Her work highlights her own experiences and she advocates for others and challenges society's barriers and perceptions. Working for equity, she has collaborated with individuals and organisations to give a voice and platform for change.

I'm Hyst-ory


Ray studied a BA in Contemporary Craft Design, it was here that her passion for immediate drawing / painting emerged and she could explore context and methodology within a BA Fine Art at the University of Lincoln. Ray achieved a fully-funded scholarship to study a Master's in Drawing at the University of the Arts London. This is where she went on to investigate the female place in society, having access to Bethlem Hospital archives enveloped an empathetic quandary to society expectations, psychogeography and surroundings.  Ray graduated with merits and currently resides in the Midlands and London where she has a studio.


· University of the Arts London (2015 - 2016). MA Drawing
· University of Lincoln (2007 – 2009, 2013 - 2015). Fine Art (BA Hons)

Exhibitions & Events

· DaDa Fest mentorship, (2020 / 2021)

· Artist feature & work (Restrain Yourself), Broken Grey Wires Zine, 'Pinocchio's got nothing on you' (2020)

· DaDa Fest, Artist Development Workshops (2020)

· Vernon House Open, Solo show (2019)

·  Channel 4, Think Bigger (2019)

· Surface Gallery (Group show), Squeezed The Mouse.Nottingham (2019)

· Shape Open 2018, She Knew, Didn’t Tell.Art Pavilion, London (2018)

· Surface Gallery (Group show), Crude 5. Nottingham (2017)

· MA Degree Show, Sound of Drawing. WCA (2016)

· The National Gallery Response, Cardboard Lair. The National Gallery / WCA (2016)

· Open Studio, Centre for Drawing (2016)

· Interim Show, Psychogeographic Hysteria Investigation. WCA (2016)

· Mudd Press Event, participant. Nottingham (2016)

· Centre for Recent Drawing C4RD, Hysteric Woman. London (2016)

· The Big Draw, Southbank Festival, Parts of cwtch (2016)

· Workshop,The effects of the studio Environment. WCA (2016)

· Drawing the World, Prof. Stephen Farthing. Kings Cross, Granary Square. Artist / Participant (2015)

· Organising and planning aspects of the BA Fine Art Degree Show. University of Lincoln (2015)

· Signature Art Prize, long listed and Viewer's Choice Award (2015)

· Lincoln Cathedral - Food and Farming, Farmer / tractorand Wandering. Lincoln (2014-2017)
· The BIG Exhibition 2 - Organiser, Curator. The Project Space + Gallery, Lincoln (2015)

· Three Times Around The Sun Exhibition, cwtch. University of Lincoln (2015)

· The Archive, To all at home. Online Exhibition(2015)

· Strangers on a Train Exhibition, Stranger Danger.St Mary Le Wigford Church (2014)
· The BIG Exhibition, Self, cat, sister. The Project Space + Gallery (2014)
· Left Overs Exhibition, University of Lincoln (2013)
· Photography exhibition, The sticks. FF97 Gallery, Liverpool, (2012) 

· Gallery Assistant for exhibitions & artists including - Gina Czarnecki, John Akomfrah, Jeremy Deller, Turner, Monet, Twombly. Liverpool Biennial, Da-Da Fest - Niet Normaal, Tate Collections, Jeremy Deller